So you've finished unpacking all the stuff that you just packed. Congratulations. Now you get to put all of the unpacked goods in its new place (exciting right!).

But what do you do with your used boxes? Well, why not sell them? But where?

Well, I guess you can try posting them on Craigslist.


If you have just moved into the Austin/San Antonio area, you can sell it to EcoBox. With several locations right here in the Austin area, you can choose to drop them off at a particular location or fill out a form to have your used boxes picked up. All you have to do flatten the boxes. If they are standard size boxes they will accept them even with tapes, labels and writing on them (But they have unacceptable boxes so be sure to check with them!).

How easy. 

But you can always choose to use a full service Austin moving company like us too!

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